Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Counter at "frustrating"

Having seen the growth of sites like, it makes me think of other so-called limited time deal sites that I have shopped in my very extensive internet shopping experience. One such site that has frustrated me is "The Counter" section of

Each week, Lands End offers an assortment of merchandise that will be priced at different price intervals over the course of a week. Once you purchase an item, you cannot receive the lower price if the item is further reduced. For me, calling this section "The Counter" is what frustrates me. While I see how the items are sold or counted down until they are sold out, I see no visible Counter. The consumer never has an idea if there are 15 or 500 items that they have available.

I guess you could call me a cranky shopper, but I want a "Counter" I can see. So many Limited Time Deal sites say for example, 300 left...212 left...30 left...etc until the item sells out. And of course, based on this, I can make a practical buying decision. So now at last I have it off my head! But please, Lands End, in the future show me how many you have when you're counting down clearance...and if not, find a better name then 'The Counter'!

-Anonymous Shopper