Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lovin' some Groupon!

I am a bargain shopper so I am constantly online looking for ways I can get what I need AND save money. My favorite online deal has to be Groupon. These coupons are only available in limited quantities but you can save a ton on restaurants, travel tickets, movies, and much more.
- Anonymous Shopper

Monday, June 28, 2010

Are these the Droids you're looking for?
Spotted at Sam's Club in Kokomo, Indiana.

If anyone has an ANDROID (TM) phone, please comment below - I want to hear your impressions of it. Are the apps as good as on the iPhone?

Cheerios deal at Meijer week of June 27, 2010 - only 99c for 18oz

A great deal if you want plain "yellow box" Cheerios:
They are part of the $1.99/box General Mills sale this week at Meijer.
So, use the 50c/1 "Original Yellow Box Cheerios" from the 6/27 Smart Source insert in your sunday paper, which should double at Meijer, and enjoy an 18 oz box of Cheerios for only 99c after coupon!

I am already well stocked, and therefore I didn't buy extra papers this week (especially since the rest of the coupons didn't impress me much) but I will use two coupons to get two boxes this week for 99c. It's definitely worth stockpiling at that price.